Citizen ATTESA Eco-Drive Jet Setters Watch

Citizen ATTESA Eco-Drive Jet Setters Watch (ATV53-2933 )

Product Code: ATV53-2933

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Citizen ATTESA Eco-Drive Jet Setters Watch ATV53-2933

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      Citizen ATTESA Eco-drive jet setters ATV53-2933 LIMITED

      Possible to receive multi-band, "Perfex-3000" chips. More traditional Japanese America, Europe (Germany) for a standard radio, as well as China's Henan Province received from the city commercial hill about 1500 km radius area can be received in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong as well as China's major cities It covers major cities around the world.

      Dauntless all DLC model

      An extremely excellent Duratect DLC (diamond Reich carbon) processing in wear and abrasion resistance is given to the surface of the titanium material, a beautiful, smooth black color is achieved, and it finishes it up in a dauntless impression. It is pursued that man's mechanism favorite parentheses are good, and it is a model such as each part with Men composition and ..Sharp.. sticking to by whom the gimmick feeling overflows.

          • Accuracy: ± 15 seconds / month (non-receiving)
          • Side material: Titanium IB
          • Surface treatment: DLC
          • The glass: Sapphire glass(both sides reflectionless coating)
          • Three Ts breaking push type
          • America and Europe electric wave reception in daytime
          • Rotation ring
          • The fit adjuster
          • Chronograph function(total for 24 hours for 1/100 seconds)
          • Waterproof: Ten atmospheric pressures
          • Power saving function
          • Push Tuu
          • Naturait
          • Duratect DLC
          • Timer
          • The world calendar
          • The world time alarm
          • Display at Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
          • Charge warning function
          • Overcharge prevention function
          • When charging it full, it is movability for about 3.5 years. (The power saving operates. )

      Packaging: New in box with manual